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I am running for office because I know how to create jobs that turn into careers so residents can have a bright future. Families should feel safe from crime and know that their tax dollars are not being wasted carelessly. Our environment should be protected and kept clean to promote tourism and protect our way of life. These issues are not partisan. That is why I believe in people over politics.

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Sean Mitchell's Policies


Let us remember the purpose and reason for taxes. Taxes are the way the government raises revenue for its operations. That being said we all need to think about what “operations” or the way the government uses our tax dollars...


St. Lucie County is growing every year. It is on us to be prepared for the employers that want to bring the jobs here. Do we have the workforce educated and trained to do the jobs?


On the issue of how to reduce crime or solve the problem of criminal activity in our neighborhoods, I believe a two-prong approach is necessary...


The big issue on the Treasure Coast right now is the green and blue algae that is killing fish, decimating our tourism industry and is harmful to human to breathe...

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